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The International Framework For Nuclear Energy Cooperation

IFNEC Global Supply Chain and Localization, Issues and Opportunities - November 7- 8, 2017

Paris, France - November 7, 2017 - November 8, 2017

This conference was designed to be of interest to all IFNEC member countries and provide the various stakeholders, including regulators, planning authorities, financial institutions and industry, the opportunity to observe and participate in discussions of practical interest and value. The primary audience for the conference included IFNEC members with future plans for developing nuclear power projects. In addition, IFNEC member supplier countries will benefit from the discussions that further clarify the interests of potential customer countries.


The Summary Report of the November 2017 Conference Global Supply Chain and Localization Issues and Opportunities


G.KASER Key Issues for the Global Supply Chain IFNEC Conference on Customer Dialogue

M.KOVACHEV Industrial Involvement and IAEA activities

M.COMETTO NEA activities in nuclear new built and supply chain aspects

A.SIDLO Nuclear power program in Poland

N.MANSOUR Egyptian planning in Nuclear Power Plant

K.ARAJ Localization and Industrial Involvement for the Construction of Jordan Nuclear Power Plant

M.A.CHOOKAH Strategy For Creating a UAE Nuclear Industry

T.HEMMINKI Views of Finnish utility companies in Hanhikivi 1 project

K.SEKERCILER Turkey’s Nuclear Power Program

J.HALLADAY Global Supply Chain & Localization Issues and Opportunities

O.MIGNONE NPP Market Survey


W.XIAOHANG State Nuclear Power Technology CO.,LTD

Y.CHERNYAKHOVSKAYA Nuclear infrastructure development for the elements of Procurement Rosatom method and track record


J.DUDIAK The Westinghouse Approach to Global Supply Chain and Localization


T.RIAZ Supply Chain and Localization in Argentina

I.GRANT The Role of FANR in the Quality Assurance of Supply

T.JACKSON U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commissions Role in Quality Assurance of Materials Supplied

S.ALLEN ONR - Supply Chain Regulation

P.LAHAIE CNSC Framework for the Regulation of Licensees’ Supply Chain


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