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The International Framework For Nuclear Energy Cooperation

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Cover - Nuclear Energy Beyond Electricity

IDWG Report

Workshop on Nuclear Energy Beyond Electricity


The IDWG organized a workshop in September 2019, in Warsaw, Poland, to examine the contribution of “nuclear beyond electricity”.

This report summarizes the key discussion outcomes of the 2019 workshop, providing a concise overview of the potential role of nuclear energy, in non-electric and various industrial applications.





Cover NICE FUTURE Report

Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities Facing Nuclear Energy in an Energy Transitions Context:

Innovation and Actions to Advance Clean Nuclear Energy

The seven panel sessions addressed many important issues, including:

• Challenges to decarbonization in meeting the Paris Agreement.

• Nuclear energy crossroads and challenges faced by countries backing away from nuclear.

• Energy future and the contribution of nuclear in achieving clean energy. • Cost-effectiveness/competitiveness of nuclear energy.

• Public perception and confidence in nuclear energy projects.

• Radioactive waste management and disposal – multinational repositories.

• International platforms to strengthen nuclear energy cooperation among countries.


 Cover - New Challenges Facing Nuclear Regulators

IDWG Report

Workshop on New Challenges Facing Nuclear Regulators


The workshop consisted of three separate sessions addressing:

1. Regulatory Approaches for New Large Reactors by Established Regulators

2. Challenges Facing New Regulators

3. Challenges in Regulating SMRs

In addition to representatives from national nuclear safety regulatory authorities, the IAEA, the WNA, and the NEA also presented and participated.

Reports on Supply Chain and Localisation

2017 IFNEC The Summary Report of the Conference Global Supply Chain and Localization Issues and Opportunities

Reports on multinational repositories

2016 IFNEC Practical Considerations to Begin Resolving the Final Spent Fuel Disposal Pathway for Countries with Small Nuclear Programs

Reports on Financing

2016 IFNEC NEA Nuclear Energy’s Role in the 21st Century Addressing the Challenge of Financing

2013 IFNEC Finance Regulatory And Energy Planning Authority Workshop

2012 IFNEC Finance Workshop Final Summary Report

Reports on SMR

2014 IFNEC SMR Practical Deployment Issues and Approaches

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