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The International Framework For Nuclear Energy Cooperation

Steering Group

Members of the Steering Group are designated by the Participants' Executive Committee members. All Steering Group activities are to be carried out at the direction of Executive Committee. Steering Group activities must be consistent with Executive Committee decisions. The Steering Group may seek guidance from the Executive committee as necessary.

The Steering Group may establish a Chair and several Vice-Chairs, as agreed upon by consensus of the Steering Group. The Chair and Vice-Chairs shall serve for a period of no longer than two years, unless incumbents of those positions are reaffirmed for an additional term or terms.

 The next Steering Group Meeting will be held in June 29, 2017.


Recent Steering Group Meetings have been hosted by:

Argentina - October 2016

France - May 2016

Romania - October 2015

France - June 2015

South Korea - October 2014

Romania - September 2014

United Arab Emirates - October 2013

Morocco - October 2012

Texas - July 2012

Poland - September 2011

South Korea - May 2011

Jordan - November 2010

Ghana - June 2010







Upcoming Meetings
IDWG Working Group Meeting

June 26, 2017

RNFSWG Meeting

June 27, 2017

2017 IFNEC Steering Group Meeting

June 29, 2017

Resource Library

The library is a repository of practical information for Participant and Observer organizations. Access permission is required.

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