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The International Framework For Nuclear Energy Cooperation

IFNEC Reliable Nuclear Fuel Services Working Group (RNFSWG) Summary


Support cooperation of Participants in efforts that enhance reliable, commercially based fuel services to the world market and provide options for developing nuclear energy while reducing the risk of nuclear proliferation.


  • Identify common interests among the Participants and recommend practical measures for moving towards reliable comprehensive fuel service arrangements.

  • Prepare recommendations for reliable Comprehensive Fuel Service (CFS) arrangements.

  • Emphasize the need for solutions that are technically feasible and economically viable.

Areas of Focus

  • A CFS approach would provide comprehensive, reliable and commercially-based services on a global basis.

  • CFS encourages commercial options for the safe and secure management of used fuel and radioactive waste, including regional and third party international storage and disposition.

  • CFS is intended to be a flexible and tailored approach that recognizes and accommodates the unique requirements of users and service providers.

  • CFS is intended to explore the economic advantages over indigenous development of enrichment and reprocessing and remove the burdens associated with the storage and the disposition of used fuel and radioactive waste.

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