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The International Framework For Nuclear Energy Cooperation



IFNEC OCH 07 2017 1

Who is Who:

Steering Group


Julián Gadano – Argentina

Vice Chairs

Anne Lazar-Sury – France

Gou Feng – China 

Hideo Shindo – Japan

Chair Emeritus: Ed McGinnis – United States


Infrastructure Development Working Group 

Co-Chairs: John Mathieson – United Kingdom and Alex Burkart – United States

Reliable Nuclear Fuel Services Working Group 

Co-Chairs: Sean Tyson – United States and Tomaž Žagar – Slovenia

Ad Hoc Nuclear Supplier and Customer Countries Engagement Group

Co-Chairs: Hideo Shindo – Japan and Rafael Mariano Grossi – Argentina

Upcoming Meetings
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The library is a repository of practical information for Participant and Observer organizations. Access permission is required.

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