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The International Framework For Nuclear Energy Cooperation

Webinar - The Future of Spent Fuel Management

Online - October 11, 2021

The IFNEC Reliable Nuclear Fuel Services Working Group in cooperation with the Rosatom Technical Academy Moscow Office will conduct a webinar on


October 11, 2021, 14:00 CEST



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Purposes of the webinar:

To present comprehensive perspectives on how spent fuel will be managed in the future through the development of advanced fuel cycles, recognizing the important contribution of current activities to the continued safe and secure use of nuclear energy.  Also discussed will be work that builds on the existing confidence in extended long term storage along with the progress in establishing the first deep geologic repository for the disposal of spent fuel.  Attendees will be given a window into the current state of spent fuel management and what that management will look like in the future.

Presenters Include:

•Posiva (Finland)

Detailed agenda available soon.

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Webinar - The Future of Spent Fuel Management

October 11, 2021

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