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The International Framework For Nuclear Energy Cooperation

RNFSWG Webinar - July 8

Online - July 8, 2020 - July 8, 2020

The Multinational Repository Concept: Shared Solutions for Solving the Radioactive Waste Management Challenge facing Emerging Countries and those with Small Nuclear Programs 

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This panel discussion focused on shared waste management solutions for current and emerging nuclear countries, which will initially operate at most a few large nuclear power plants or potentially a number of new small modular reactors. Countries with substantial inventories of spent nuclear fuel are pursuing their national repository programs with varying degrees of progress. However, countries with only a few reactors and those at the beginning stages of their nuclear programs face a different and substantial challenge toward developing a cost effective national spent fuel disposal solution. This discussion brings together a panel of experts from government and industry to explore shared solutions involving the development of a multinational repository to include international perspectives and recent progress.  

  • Introductory remarks

Suzanne Jaworowski

Senior Advisor. U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) & IFNEC Steering Group Chair

Office of Nuclear Energy  

  • Housekeeping, general webinar etiquette and introduction

Tomaž Žagar, RNFSWG Co-Chair

President Nuclear Society of Slovenia


  • International Perspectives on a Multinational Repository

Sean Tyson, RNFSWG Co-Chair

Office of Nuclear Energy

US Department of Energy

  • The Multinational Repository Concepts and the IAEA

Christophe Xerri

Director| Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Waste Technology and Research Reactor

Department of Nuclear Energy

International Atomic Energy Agency

  • Perspectives on the Future of the Multinational Repository Concept

Alan Brownstein, Consultant

Allegheny Science & Technology
Former Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Nuclear Energy, US Department of Energy

  • Incentives for Countries Using or Providing a Multinational Disposal Service

Charles McCombie
President Arius Association
Arius Association

  • Dual Track Strategy for Small Countries

Slovenia: Example of a country with a small nuclear program and an early stage program for deep geological disposal 

Leon Kegel
Head of Planning and Development Section at ARAO
Radwaste Management Organisation ARAO, Slovenia

  • Discussion and Q & A  
  • Concluding Remarks RNFSWG co-chairs  


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