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The International Framework For Nuclear Energy Cooperation

Nuclear Supplier and Customer Countries Engagement Group

Posted on February 01, 2019

The Nuclear Supplier and Customer Countries Engagement Group (NSCCEG) seeks to analyse the current situation and relationship between supplier and customer countries, establish a common working ground and set up a reliable and trustworthy discussion environment in order to identify, discuss and propose actions to be taken by supplier and customer countries. Work focuses on the following areas: nuclear safety; project development (supply chain issues in particular) and financing; public acceptance and accountability.


The NSCCEG is established to address the challenges posed by the arrival of new Supplier and Customer countries and the new spheres of interaction between them. Recognize the importance of achieving the highest standards of efficiency, safety, security of nuclear power, building stakeholders’ confidence in nuclear projects and, ultimately, improving the conditions under which nuclear energy can develop and compete effectively with other low-carbon technologies.


The NSCCEG focusses on the following issues:

  • Customer and Supplier countries’ responsibility towards safety.
  • Project Development, including supply chain and localization.
  • Innovative approaches to financing and refinancing.
  • Government support for nuclear projects.
  • Public Acceptance and Accountability.
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